Street Smarts with Your Online Transactions

The world of online casinos is among the most exciting on the internet, what with the potential of winning big dollars just a couple of clicks away or the flipping of a single virtual card. But many people have serious worries about making online transactions. How safe are they? Who has my money? Can a hacker access my money? Here are just a few things that anyone can do to maximize their online financial security.

First, make as few transactions as you possibly can. Look, the lesser the number of times you have to move your money the lower the risk that something will go wrong in the process. So, move $400 once instead of moving $100 four times and you may save money with less transaction fees.

Second, keeping in mind what I have said previously you should only move as much money as is necessary. The less money you have sitting in a holding company, then the less potential worries you have if a problem arises. So keeping in mind my first suggestion to move $400 once instead of $100 four times, move $400 instead of $1000.

Third, always patronize a known, established online holding company for your money. What I mean when I say this is for you to use a company that a respectable number of reputable online poker sites and/or casinos use. Typically this information can be found on the casino’s website, along the top or bottom of the page under the heading of “financials”, “banking”, “deposits & withdrawals” or “online transactions”. You may also find the information on the “frequently asked questions” page too. Doing a little detective work before hand can save you a lot of worry later on.

Forth, never mail a cheque directly to an online poker room or casino. Cheques can get lost in busy offices that are setup for modern cyber transactions and not bricks & mortar, snail mail transactions. And lost cheques can be difficult to find and to track. Also when you go through a third party holding company there are redundant sets of transaction records. This is extra protection for you and your money if there is ever a dispute with the casino or poker room over lost money. Also note that cheque clearing times can delay things, if you send a cheque for an online casino australia, it could take weeks to clear.

Fifth, one of the simplest things that you can do for your personal security is to protect your computer with a password. And not a foolish password, mix up letters and numbers, upper and lower case characters. Your computer is ground zero for your money and for gambling fun.